Depression, Anxiety, Transitions


 At one time or another, each of us is likely to experience significant challenges including depression, anxiety, and major life transitions.  There are many tools available to help you during these times, resulting in hope and the strength to make positive changes in your world.  I work with you to get to the solutions that work best for you in your current life situation. 

Trauma & PTSD


 It is common to experience challenging symptoms associated with painful and traumatic events.  Lingering depression, anxiety, and hopelessness can be frightening and impairing. There are effective treatments that can bring the hope and strength needed to process these difficult,  intractable effects of trauma.  I primarily use EMDR for trauma with much success.  



 Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples, families, and in work situations that have become challenging in one way or another.  As a licensed family therapist and certified coach,  I offer you a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to help you develop the insight and skills you need to build on your strengths and move with confidence in moving toward your goals.